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5 trends software testers should notice in 2016

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The person who are remain in coding it will help them to learn the language quickly thus it will help us to learn the programming language very usefully,  quickly and it is very helpful for the beginners.

Mobile app testing

As app store process is more stringent so mobile app testing prominence will be useful to upgrade the stream. Thus it will fix the issues according to the customer’s feedback. Thus cloud based device forms will be used largely to upgrade the visibility of the customers.

Open source frameworks

From testing point of view open source tools like selenium and soapUI will be continuously growing , for long term goals and ultimate source goals are can be done with part of open source movement.

Agile and continuous delivery

Testing will need to be integrated into the development cycle that developers have to be interact with testing process. Thus tester have to be more user friendly then only they can use this app. They have to be used in various tools  like IDE it will improve the testing.

Conversations regarding containers

Thus micro services , containers are got more attention in 2016 it is mainly used for solving testing challenges that are arising from different  environments in developing , testing , production etc.

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Top most trends in Software Testing 2016

Top most trends in Software Testing 2016

Thus Software Testing will play a great role in this modern world and thus it is emerging as a new trends for the students to accommodate the business works and it will contain many other new trends due to expert’s prediction and industry reports. Now we will see about the latest trends in software testing world

Regression Testing - Software Testing Training

It is a simple method and it involves life cycle and it will help you to maintain old test cases and ensure that existing features will also accommodate or not . Test the each new features with previous functionality. It helps to execute repeated test cases, without manual intervention so it will save time and money.

Continuous integration

In this process the application undergoes small changes and it will release the trends on day to day basis and weekly basis too. Thus code also pave a way to become errors so that only we are choosing testing method. It also ensures optimum coverage while eliminating the chance of human errors.

Functional and GUI testing

It is most predominant part of software testing , it becomes prevalent to test the applications to ensure functional and UI aspects are not affected.it helps to perform the desired iteration and testing the application number of devices , resolutions , platforms , technologies etc.

Load testing

Applications such as E-commerce sites and online reservation sites will be requiring load and stress testing during need hours. It will help you to generate accurate results of the performance of these applications against load.

Unit testing – Software Testing Training in Chennai

In this small units of application such as procedures , modules, data and source code are tested individually. It involves rigorous efforts and also ensuring not to affect other elements or the program as whole. Thus it helps to scrutinize the application of individual elements.

Emerging trends in software testing

Emerging trends in software testing

The introduction of new architectures such as service- oriented architecture (SOA) and thus increase in virtualization and develops has dramatically changed the face of IT.

Thus important trends in software testing Training will alter the landscape for testers.

Mobile application testing

There is significant increase in mobile testing include performance , functionality and security of mobile applications . some of the applications are using cloud concepts with ERP systems.so data security plays a major role in now a days. Mobile devices have been playing a vital role in everything like digital development strategy . thus consumers spend more time on multiple devices and consume mobile only content.

Cloud based testing

It is an increasing part of mainstream with software application of cloud to be hosted in 2016. Thus IT professionals and experts are seeing growth in cloud based testing because it offers a convenient solution . the cloud testing is flexible and allowing business to scale up as a part of dynamic strategy. Data security and performance in cloud based environments can be viewed as medium term challenge.

Testing in agile development environment

Testing in production is one approach that will be used by testers commonly now a days. To get constant flow of updates on shaping the software with respect to its features. The Agile methods are in the mainstream because they offer both opportunities and challenges for tester. It is a collection of many related things. Agile scrum is a another development that is changing the manners in testers operation, it encourages the team to self-organize and communicate regularly.

Security testing

The increased connectivity of data and information along with cloud based performance and internet of things will progress the IT industry and security testing of software applications will be helpful.

Open-source testing tools – Software Testing Training in Chennai

The open source test tools like X-unit , selenium etc have been used . integrated development environments often include related or similar tools.

Software testing trends and predictions 2016

Software testing trends and predictions 2016

Thus digital transformation plays an important strategic factor in understanding the emerging new technologies. Thus the speed of digital transformation will assure you a measurable impact on quality assurance and testing practice. Thus it plays a role of enhancement in customer satisfaction, Now let us examine the latest trends of software testing

Internet of Things – Software Testing Training

It will help you to get persistent growth in your business with the help of machine to machine connectivity and digital innovations and they will be connected using advanced platforms. In order to get quality assurance perspective software testing chennai will helping you in advancing systems and to avoid potential lapses in security and quality.

Security Testing

Security testing is playing an important role because we are now increasing the adoption of mobile, IOT and cloud. Mostly security breaches are occurred at application layer level ,authentication and access control, thus it plays a critical factor .

Mobile Application Testing – Software Testing Training in chennai

Mobile application testing is one of the key areas that will help in  end user experience like excellent customer experiences , customer centric solutions. But we have to use right tools , infrastructure , capabilities . it will clearly highlight the adoption of mobile devices and MAT in the future.

Cloud Testing

Thus cloud based testing is playing a very much usable role in testing thus it will be helpful for the organizations in order to improve their scope. Thus industry analyst will forecast the cloud based techniques it will help you to improve the scope of cloud testing.

Automation Testing

Testing automation is becoming integral by using increasing methods of develops and agile methodologies. Thus digital transformation alike agile , develops and cloud required specialized testing skills and knowledge, it will help you in focus on the functionality of the application as well as to enhance the customer experience.