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7 Important Tips that are to be handled by a Software Tester


The unlimited dimension for software development is the software testing. Software testing is useful for countless possibilities that can be executed and tested on a software developed. The tester will be given only a limited time and with the source to maximize his effort.

The Tester can be more effective with these Tips :

  1. The things that is first – The bugs must be prioritized on testing. Since these bugs takes more time in testing.
  2. Creating Bug Reports Descriptively – Reduction of iterations within the team can be done through the Bug Reports with description. Since the Bugs Report will be much easier to understand when there is a need for clarification between the testers and developers to consume the time
  3. Pessimist ThinkingThe loophole in the systems will drive the tester to find the bugs with the strong intension.
  4. Know When and Where to Stop – If the system had already met the requirements compilation and the confidence is reached to a certain level, then halting of testing will be takes place here. There is no system with perfectness. But at least we will try to reach nearer to it.
  5. Good  Communication – Discuss about the issues clearly with the developers, so as to avoid the iterative conversation and to have a smooth conversation, with the improvement in the credibility as a software tester.
  6. Testing beyond the Requirements – It is better to check what our system can do beyond the particular requirements, after checking the software with the compilation on its requirements. At this process, bugs will be usually occur.
  7. Automated Test Cases – Automated test cases should be maintained. Modification over test cases and scripts should be done for enabling the test cases to be useful through the system revisions.

Formulate the scenarios of testing when waiting for the upcoming testing after the bug fixes.

1.Time of Thinking must be Idle

2. Raise the questions that you have with you

3. Sharpen by yourself

4. Join in the Online Forums