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Have you got Cucumber Testing Tools Speciality in Automation Testing

Have you got Cucumber Testing Tools Speciality in Automation Testing and Selenium?

Software testing training in chennai expose the new information about Selenium. Here have to introduce about new tools for automation named as cucumber.

Let see below about cucumber

What is cucumber?

Cucumber is tool which helps for framework of behaviour Driven Development to software testing training.This BDD is is used to write the acceptance testing for various web applications. This allows function of validation.

This Validation is more readable and understandable. It’s used to every developers and Testers and Business Analysts.

Cucumber are used to gives good documents here cucumber features applied for supporting applications of BDD. This initially implemented for Ruby and then Extended. This Extension enables the functionality about Java Framework.

Cucumber work with

  • Selenium
  • Watir
  • Capybara and more

This Cucumber based on the tools can support the high level languages of

  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Python
  • DotNet

What are the feature files are used by Cucumber,

Here i will included some sample features,

Scenario 1

Domain Softwaretestinghelp.com

Username : USER

Password: PASSWORD

Result: Login should be Successful

Scenario 2

Domain Softwaretestinghelp.com

Username : USER1

Password: PASSWORD1

Result: Login error message will be Thrown.

Scenario of Cucumber:

Actually Scenario is defines about particular functionality which is taken under web apps test.

Intent of scenario is behind the test of all about. this is primarily using language called “Gherkin”.

Here should follows about,

Given : As mentioned given specifies about preconditions state.

When: Action performed based on scenario process.

Background: Step Requires for perform each scenario about database background implementation.

Scenario Outline

this is used to performs different data set with login functionality.


By default runs about scenario of feature files of cucumbers. Real time projects are given for hundred features not required in cucumber functionality. Its depends to run all times.


Advantages of using Selenium Testing


Software testing methodology is one of the significant components in today’s development of software field for promising the reliability and quality of the software. Testing is an extremely vast field, so that abundance of opportunities arrive for beginners and also well experienced professionals. Individual who seeking to be a decent software tester ought to be knowledgeable with the different concepts and terminologies of testing. On the off chance that you are an beginner, Continue reading