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Software trends to follow in this 2016

The Think It training is offering Best Software Testing Training Institute in chennai with professionalized experts the and it is very much impressive and intellectual in taking course foundation to the students and we are ready to support students in technical support even after course completion. Now we are glad to share the predictions for latest software trends in 2016.

Thus fast pace of digital transformation will help you to know about the conclusions , predictions . and its overall involvement in major industries.

Agile and Operations Methodology

We need to integrate testing techniques in the development cycle. Thus both programmers and software testers are involved in testing process and software development. Agile methodology is directly responsible to new challenges like speed, interaction , high quality and new technologies. These challenges is a key factors will help you to stay in the market and these new type of tests are being added up to the existing automation processes. Such as jenkins and teamcity.

Security Testing

People consuming more number of amounts of information through web , phone etc . so security testing is becoming priority for many companies to control their data flow and avoid leaks. It is implemented by code reviews as many flaws can be detected at this stage.

Mobile Testing

It plays a major part in organization development strategy, thus the development of mobile apps takes less time when compared to websites and web applications. Security is another important strategy in mobile testing because people are consuming lot of information from various mobile apps, so we have to protect in terms of security , usability and performance.

Automation Testing - Software Testing Training

Automation testing is a key process to make the process more efficient . test automation is an integral part of testing life cycle despite many challenges  like lack of professional automated tools for developers, not enough automation tested engineers . it is an effective solution to avoid routine testing and focus on more complex test scenarios.