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9 Trends of Software Testing

In Long-Term Transition you can increase the market dominance with mobile application & with cloud application. This Apps can adopt the faster software development life cycle & can increase the critical role in this software organisation. Following are some of the Recent Trends which is used for building the contribution of testing which can be used to enhance the efficiency.

Test Automation

This has rise the number of enterprise with realized benefits which can find more defects earlier. In Half the testing you can accomplish the fraction with dropping companies expanding test term with both development for more efficient with software production. Most of the mature testing environment will achieve more than 80% of automation with many organization & it has still struggle to reach the lofty level of automation framework.

  • Automation tools is used to support entire end-to-end process of testing
  • Increase use of automation when code is high state of flux
  • Increased Penetration of automation with operation & development
  • Rise is technical skills of testing will support the automation engineering

Proactive Software Testing

This test organization will undergo the left-shift of testing activities which can enter into the early development with right-shift of operation to support the stability of production  with continuous delivery modal.  this is to watch the major test department from the reactive testing which can obtain toward the proactive test practices to pursue the fail philosophy. This kind of testing will increase the value of business requirement which can design the earlier development by offering the expertise to reduce the production cycle which can occur while software is created to evaluate by distinct groups of time phrase. User experience & Scalability issue will surface the result is delivery of software with more requirement of customer.

Increasing the usage of mobile device test farm

App store will set into higher acceptance of threshold which can place the greater demand on companies which can be used to increase the breadth for their mobile application testing with regard to the device with platform compatibility.  The major trend of this mobile application with the compatibility testing to obtain the mobile device farm is cloud. Latter is by increase the popularity of matrix model of OS versions & platform configure will continue the expand exponentially. This can maintain by high dynamic infrastructure with simple untenable of largest enterprise. Mobile app is the cloud based device with the test farm of typical hardware & software supporting between the development & testers to make use of efficient in-house setup. This trend provide the confirmation to make the recent arrival of Google Cloud with AWS service.

Greater Focus on Latest Technology

Recent technologies like service oriented Architecture of mobile testing and cloud. Many comprehensive of mobile testing with rapid rise is techniques.

Focus on Security Testing

With the revealed of security testing which can take the top priority which can

the software organization with functional compatibility with performance testing with the cost of security vulnerability. These are critical companies which can avoid the risk breach of service interruption. Following approach of security testing will focus the order of decreasing priority.

  • Static test will use the automated code analysis tool during the development purpose
  • Dynamic test case to expose the vulnerabilities
  • Penetration testing will use the combination of automated & manual technique to compromise all the application with hardware of further inner point of vulnerability
  • Manual code is to expose the security issue of automated tools

Internet of Things

This IoT will become the latest trend for this year. This can connect all the device with rapid growing & testing has not enter with the demand. Testing procedure with secure of current product of work with intended & the term can keep up with the Internet of Things

Context Driven Testing

Some other effect is by spreading the social media with localization & the mobility of result with entire device. This can still integrate the terms of software & usage. This can provide the challenge with business to maintain the central hub of software & hardware of test environment. This can cause the context of driven testing which can become the most popular testing converge of diverse angle. This is to impact the skill development of tester with more demand of exposure of different context.

Independent Software Testing

This can increase the quality assurance with more business to rely the special Quality assurance organization to provide the testing service. This will include the TCoE capability. Partnering will help the business to find the skilled quality assurance. This can process the technology. The main report of business research with independent testing sector with annual growth.

Size fits all testing

Most of the testing team will come up with the single overarching testing plan. this can try to get every project which can fit into the master plan.The major approach is obtain by each project.  Testing plan will need to be context & that is based on the product. Every organization will still need to create the master testing guideline.  The project based testing plan will take off the test products from different angles.


Domain Testing - Platform based solution will combine the core business process with the advanced testing framework to ensure the superior testing.

Capitalizing testing latest trends - Organization of Quality assurance must address the business risk to enhance the agility with minimum cost.

New Framework – Entire recent models will required to address the challenges is testing with the latest technologies of service oriented architecture with cloud computing

ERP Testing- This is the specialized testing skill with more methodology to upgrade the ERP package.

Earliest Life cycle Validation – Life cycle validation process is the risk based security testing with predictive performance to identify the defects with life cycle & thereby lowering the quality cost.

Non- functional Testing – This testing with validation service & solution will use the usability test, performance & accessibility to enhance the customer experience which is very much important in gaining the importance.

Automation & Testing Metric - Life cycle management of test, automation technology for the testing to enhance ROI & traceability

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