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Method of Recording a Script Through Proxy in Load Runner

In this Blog, you are turning to search out around how to document a script by means of Proxy in LoadRunner? VuGen Documenting is very straightforward; just by tapping on Record knob, you can record the business stream. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where, if the following cases arrive.

The following are the cases you may confront during recording:

  • You can’t introduce VuGen on your customer machine because of different restrictions, for example, absence of administrator benefits, absence of required programming and so on.
  • You can’t introduce VuGen where the application under test is running
  • Your application under test imparts utilizing SSL
  • Proxy recording of a neighborhood application where VuGen and customer application on the same machine

For every case you have to take after specific strategies to record in VuGen. In any case, underneath is the non specific comprehension of how to document a script through Proxy in LoadRunner.Each and Every concept in Loadrunner has been taken in practical oriented by our trainer.Incase if you need to more details about loadrunner,then you can visit our Loadrunner training in Chennai Website.

How to document a script by means of Proxy in LoadRunner ?

Assume on the off chance that you are not ready to introduce VuGen on machines which has Linux or Mac OS machines or cell phones. VuGen (Outbound Link) permits you to record the application flow by means of Proxy. VuGen goes about as a Proxy server and catches all the activity in the middle of customer and server.


Recording by means of Proxy in LoadRunner is not accessible for every one of the conventions. Here are the couple of protocols which support the Proxy recording: Web HTTP/HTML, Flex, and Java over HTTP, Oracle NCA, and Oracle Web.

  • You should have the capacity to give port and address of VuGen machine on the customer gadget which has diverse OS.
  • Both the Proxy machine (VuGen) and customer should be on same system.
  • It is fitting to erase any history/reserve on the customer’s machine.

On the off chance that there is a different target machines (application under test), VuGen Proxy can effectively forward the information according to Host HTTP header. Learn the advanced technology of Loadrunner which is provided in our Loadrunner training in Chennai.

To record remote application by means of LoadRunner Proxy, in Start Recording dialog box, you have to choose Remote Application by means of LoadRunner intermediary.

To record the local application utilizing LoadRunner Proxy, ensure that the below check box is checked in Recording Options > HTTP Properties > Advanced.

In the event that the application conveys utilizing SSL (Secured Socket Layer), you have to import the authentication to the customer machine. Download the authentication and import it.

Web Explorer, select Internet Options > Content > Trusted Root Certificate Authorities > Import.

In Firefox, select Tools > Options > Advanced > Certificates tab > View Certificates > Authorities > Import.

Did you know?

It is desirable over dependably erase the cache and history before recording the business flow.

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Software Testing – 5 Tips to Writing LoadRunner Scripts

Our Software Testing Training in Chennai has been busy taught LoadRunner scripts. A LoadRunner tool is one of the best tools we utilize at Optimums and It’s is a very powerful application and its enables you to build the automated testing scripts that could be measure the end-to-end performance application. By automating the performance testing, you can able to consistent bench-marking and conduct reliable.

Software Testing Training in Chennai ourselves spread to embrace the variety of testing courses to sharpen business prospects at all ends. The Testing is offered contains Manual and Automation testing certification such as QTP, Selenium, and Load Runner.

Here are the 5 tips for to writing LoadRunner scripts.

  • Although LoadRunner HTML/HTTP protocol its has been flexible and reliable, it’s always best to try other available protocols in LoadRunner to establish. which ones is most compatible with application under the test. LoadRunner Protocol Analysis is good start.
  • Transaction names should utilize the naming convention. which allows the ordering and sorting so that transaction summary graphs, can be easily show the transactions in a proper order.
  • After recording script, will make sure rearrange the “Think Times” to be placed in outside of the transactions to avoid placed think time as a part of the actual transaction time.
  • Changing the runtime settings, a Browser emulation of the new user and Browser Cache handling can assist resolving some of the playback issues.
  • Make utilization of the Several functions Description properties such as web_button can assist to identifying the right component to perform the action on.

How does LoadRunner work?

A scenario is makes that includes the script can be executed, number of the virtual users that are required, prerequisites to runs the testing and expected output from the Software testing. Then the number of Vusers requirements is build it could be a less few hundreds or it’s to be an many of few thousands.

The scenarios could be an manual or goal-oriented. In the earlier, LoadRunner its generates the scenarios depends on the goals mentioned by tester. while latter, the details to could be entered manually.

Then, a series of actions are to be performing as a part of testing scenario are recorded in Vuser Script. A load generator is utilize to running the Vusers and which is create the needed amount of the load on system. A business processes it’s required to be measured the represented in transactions form. Once the requirements load is generated, system behavior is could be observed and noted.

Features of LoadRunner
Some of the most important features of LoadRunner are:

  • VuGen easily (Virtual User Generator) can easily record testing steps that are users perform the order to testing an application.
  • The Vuser concepts its enables the testers to runs a test-cases in the form of Vuser thus reducing manual intervention.
  • There is don’t have any limitation on the number of Vusers it can be created. If the appropriate license has been obtained as per the requirements.
  • LoadRunner can be work on the several organizations environments thus its providing the wide applicability.
  • All Vusers able to control the form of single dashboard.
  • Using single load generator, its almost 1000 Vusers could be generated.
  • The LoadRunner supports several protocols. Runs on multiple protocol scripts could be easily done.
  • LoadRunner can working with the most of ERP/CRM systems offered by Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft and Siebel.
  • The analysis and monitoring interface offered is user friendly and grasp very easily.

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