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Understanding JMeter and Its Usage in Software Testing

Understanding JMeter and Its Usage in Software Testing

Load testing helps endeavors to convey software apps viably, and dispense with odds of downtime and disappointment in future. Be that as it may, analyzers need to load test the app by imitating an extensive number of clients and under different conditions to get its key performance indicators – KPIs. JMeter helps testers to survey the execution of an assortment of web apps without expanding project overheads. On the other hand, its elements and usefulness likewise make JMeter a broadly utilized load testing tool.

Why majority Software Testers choose JMeter to further load testing tools?

Pure Java App

Not at all like other load testing tools, JMeter is outlined as an Java desktop app. So the clients can download compress document, and set up the open source device straightforwardly. Further, they have choice to run the tool on different OS that support Java. As most stages at present support Java, the load testing device can be setup and keep running crosswise over major OS including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Assess both Static & Dynamic Resources

To assess the execution of a site successfully, testers need to survey every one of its assets. JMeter empowers clients to test both static and element assets utilized by the product. Moreover, it can likewise be utilized for testing an dynamic of element assets PHP, ASP.NET, Java Servlets, Java objects, CGI scripts, FTP servers and databases.

Perform both Load & Stress Tests

The testers can facilitate use JMeter to perform both load tests & stress tests. JMeter additionally helps testers to decide the greatest load limit of the web server. So they can undoubtedly recognize when the web application will begin reacting to client ask for gradually or produce errors. Today we are living in the Modern Data World. Yes, “Software testing” is Very important in the real time world to find the defects made in the development phase.

Supports Most Protocols & Servers

JMeter can also be used to load test & stress test a variety of apps as it supports most of the commonly used protocols and servers. At present, the load testing tools support HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, LDAP, TCP, REST, SMTP, SOAP, POP3 & IMAP. Thus, the testers can use a single tool to assess the performance of various modern sites and web apps.

Pluggable Architecture

The architecture of JMeter is based taking into plug-ins. Some of its generally utilized elements are actualized through plug-ins. So it gets to be simpler for testers to control the testing tool through these modules.

Simple Option to Build Test Cases

Often QA professionals have to put additional time and effort for building effective test plans. But JMeter makes enables users to create test plans by following some simple steps. For instance, the testers can create test plans for testing SOAP layers simply by mentioning the URLs and SOAP requests.

Generates Informative Test Reports

The programmers need informative test reports to fix the performance issues quickly. JMeter enables testers to present the requests and response in text, HTML or XML format. Despite being an open source load testing tool, JMeter is being updated at regular intervals. The most recent version of JMeter enables testers to determine the amount of time required by the software to establish connection with the server using a new parameter called connect Time. Likewise, JMeter 2.13 allows users to customize both aggregate report and aggregate graph. These new features make JMeter score over other open source and commercial load testing tools available in the market.

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