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Software development cycle services

Thus peridot systems is offering best Software Testing training institute in chennai which is providing rendering services to the developers as well as testers and those who are interested in this concept. Now we will see about the software development cycle concept

Software development cycle is a process that guarantees  the best quality of built and working software. Every stage of life cycle has own procedures and moves on constantly to next stage. Thus there are different stages in this process now let us see about this process briefly.

Analysis/ gathering the requirements

It is very critical stage for the further process as it requires expectations from both sides customers as well as project team in order to define problem statement, discuss critical success factors and setup responsibilities of all the parties.

Design / Architecture

Our software architects analyse your request and propose technical solutions . our senior technology experts propose technical design that fit our business needs. These designs include database tables, transactions, hardware and system requirements and security issues etc to be added and implemented. We also define functional and non- functional specialties.

Implementation / Deployment

Size of the project determines the complexity of the deployment, training is required for end users, operations . roll out of the system may be started from one branch to another branch then slowly adding all locations or it could be full blown implementation.

Agile methodology / continuous development – Software Testing Training in Chennai

This Agile methodology will help you in development process it helps to stay more flexible and deliver the product that is constantly tested and reviewed to meet your business goals and customer needs. This allows continuous improvement in the application.

Thus by sharing these informative techniques it will really help you to understand the tactics and very well in your improvement in your services to the customers