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Have you got Cucumber Testing Tools Speciality in Automation Testing

Have you got Cucumber Testing Tools Speciality in Automation Testing and Selenium?

Software testing training in chennai expose the new information about Selenium. Here have to introduce about new tools for automation named as cucumber.

Let see below about cucumber

What is cucumber?

Cucumber is tool which helps for framework of behaviour Driven Development to software testing training.This BDD is is used to write the acceptance testing for various web applications. This allows function of validation.

This Validation is more readable and understandable. It’s used to every developers and Testers and Business Analysts.

Cucumber are used to gives good documents here cucumber features applied for supporting applications of BDD. This initially implemented for Ruby and then Extended. This Extension enables the functionality about Java Framework.

Cucumber work with

  • Selenium
  • Watir
  • Capybara and more

This Cucumber based on the tools can support the high level languages of

  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Python
  • DotNet

What are the feature files are used by Cucumber,

Here i will included some sample features,

Scenario 1

Domain Softwaretestinghelp.com

Username : USER

Password: PASSWORD

Result: Login should be Successful

Scenario 2

Domain Softwaretestinghelp.com

Username : USER1

Password: PASSWORD1

Result: Login error message will be Thrown.

Scenario of Cucumber:

Actually Scenario is defines about particular functionality which is taken under web apps test.

Intent of scenario is behind the test of all about. this is primarily using language called “Gherkin”.

Here should follows about,

Given : As mentioned given specifies about preconditions state.

When: Action performed based on scenario process.

Background: Step Requires for perform each scenario about database background implementation.

Scenario Outline

this is used to performs different data set with login functionality.


By default runs about scenario of feature files of cucumbers. Real time projects are given for hundred features not required in cucumber functionality. Its depends to run all times.


6 Reasons to learn Android Application Development

We are in a time where Google’s Android OS has infiltrated the alcove and corner of the world. On one side there is the late OTA – over-the-air upgrade of its most recent Android Lollipop for all Nexus and Motorola smartphones and on the other the following version of Android 5.1 – lollipop – II had been rolled out. So what’s in for yearning Android developers? Why begin with Android with regards to application development? Here are some fascinating reasons,

1. Open source code – Make what you need

The best part about Android OS is its component of being open source. More than some time recently, a great deal of electronic fabricates like Samsung, HTC and Asus have access to the code which makes it simple for them to utilize it in their mobile phones.

2. Google Play Store – The Huge Application Market

Each since Google revealed its play store, the delight of encountering application has just increased tenfold. Some time ago we all admired the iTunes store from Apple and now and again getting an iphone was almost impossible. In any case, with the Google play store and Android phones access to apps has turned out to be so natural for all.

3. Booming Job Prospects

As Android gives a fascinating income demonstrate, a great deal of associations have a committed group for application improvement with procuring getting pace. The special point of interest of learning application improvement is that learners can work or independent. Additionally, once that individual experts creating applications through Android it turns out to be anything but difficult to create applications for other OS.

4. Income Model

Promotion Revenue – This model is very regular for nothing applications where Google will pay out to developers in return for setting advertisements in the application. A ton of designers have profited from this model.

5. Infiltration on Different gadgets

Android is all around. Let’s face honest. A portion of the gadgets upheld incorporate Smart TVs, Smartphones, Tablets, Portable Media Players, Camera, VoIP Phones, Video diversion player, Car DVD Player, Car Systems, Smartwatches and even Drones.

6. Progressive Learning Curve

There is a great deal of hindrance among Android application designers over what they have to realize with a specific end goal to create Android applications. One needs to concur that the individual must be creative, recognize opportunities in the business sector and grow new thoughts.

Why Learn Android Training in Chennai?

With Unbeatable Guarantees that Other Companies Can’t Touch. High compensation, less rivalry, brilliant future with new innovations. Our point is to contract down your opposition and make mind blowing progress. Android is a product stack for smart phones that incorporates a OS, middleware and key applications. The Android SDK gives the tools and APIs important to start creating applications on the Android stage utilizing the Java programming language. Whether you are student or in the IT business, having Android Development aptitudes will offer you some assistance with taking the following enormous jump in your career. Our Android course in Chennai plans to show learners and representatives.

What You Will Learn in the Android Training in Chennai?

  • Fabricate your own particular ANDROID applications.
  • See how ANDROID applications function, their life cycle, show, Intents, and utilizing outer assets.
  • Outline and create helpful ANDROID applications with using so as to convince client interfaces, amplifying, and making your own particular formats and Views and utilizing Menus.
  • Exploit ANDROID’s APIs for information stockpiling, recovery, client inclinations, records, databases, and content suppliers.
  • Tap into area based administrations, geocoder, compass sensors, and make rich guide based applications.
  • Use the power of background administrations, strings, and warnings.
  • Utilize ANDROID’s correspondence APIs for SMS, telephony, system administration, and web assets – HTTP.
  • Secure, tune, bundle, and convey ANDROID application.

QTP Benefits and Feature

Quick Test Professional is a product of HP and help the tester to perform a functional test which is automate without any monitor.

Visual Basic Script is general use by QTP for automate the application. As since this scripting is a available parts of the Windows Operating System there is no need to be instal exclusive. As a parts of Windows 7 the current version of VBscript is 5.8. VB script is mainly a object base language than a oops.

Here some useful benefit of QTP:

Due to it’s easy script it became very easy even for a non program to understanding QTP.

  • It is mainly used to edit script after record, support main for recording & playback.
  • It has got a excellent object identify process & mechanism
  • It provide support for different add-in such Oracle, Peoplesoft,SAP,Web Forms, Java,.NET,etc…
  • Even without a AUT through active screen it has the able to enhance the exit test.
  • It given great supporting to all the well known as Automation framework.
  • QTP is very simple to using as it come with the inbuilt IDE
  • VB scripting which is using for QTP use English-like languages which a very easy to learning.
  • QTP can easy to implement Microsoft Object model like as Word document object, Excel objects, ADO objects DOM etc.
  • QTP can be join with tool like QC (Quality Center), and with functional test such as Windrunners these test case can be outline to the automation script can be executing from QC itself.
  • Different type of suite like smoke, Regression, sanity can be easy maintain.
  • It support XML.
  • Lot of inbuilt property and method are in QTP.
  • Use data table and excel file on QTP is easily and can providing various method to access row and column.
  • QTP provide Test report detail for analysis.

Software Testing Training Chennai , provide excellent qtp training in Chennai with detail HD video tutorial. We also conduct live demo training session which advance your skill and helping for your professional’s growth.

How become a master in QTP:

There are many test automation tool available in the current markets, but choose the right one that best suit your all requirement is quite crucials. HP Quick Test Pro (QTP) is one of most talki point in the automated test tool.

Want to enhance your knowledge on software testing?

Then option for professional QTP Training in Chennai is the best option where can gain right knowledge on:

  • QTP testing tools with in-depth analysis
  • Become expertise in write automation script with QTP
  • How to generating automation framework with QTP tools
  • Reducing need of human interact with perfect scripting create and so on.

With real-time live examples, qtp training in chennai you in depth knowledge oriented online QTP Training Course in Chennai on QTP automation test tool. We have built high technical based videos to training the student in order to make QTP professional. These videos provided by expert instructor, which will not helps you to solve real world issue in practical life, but also to getting qualify for QTP training and certification exam that add more values and benefit your job profile.


Advantages of using Selenium Testing


Software testing methodology is one of the significant components in today’s development of software field for promising the reliability and quality of the software. Testing is an extremely vast field, so that abundance of opportunities arrive for beginners and also well experienced professionals. Individual who seeking to be a decent software tester ought to be knowledgeable with the different concepts and terminologies of testing. On the off chance that you are an beginner, Continue reading

Manual Testing Training in Chennai


Exponential development is nothing but the same old thing new in the Information Technology industry. The moderately short history of IT is overflowing with upset. Think the microchip, super PCs, power PC chips, the PC, the World Wide Web, Artificial Intelligence et cetera. All have had transformative consequences for individuals and organizations.

Furthermore, in the course of the most recent decade the Software Testing administration, is advancing into a basic part for organizations to succeed and an open door generally advantageous and the brightest to cut out energizing and compensating vocations.

We provide best manual testing training in Chennai with placement. We offer training for both fresher and experienced persons. Online and corporate training are provided in pour institute. Continue reading