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Challenges that are faced in Manual and Automation Testing

  • The challenges of Software Testing is many, it can be either a automation testing or a software testing.
  • Every Tester has already experienced with one or all of these challenges. To know the reality faced by the software tester when they were struggling for getting a better software must have to be known by those who wants to come in the software testing field.
  • The middle-man between the client and the developer is the Tester that he is the entire responsible for the software when he is misses in the testing and when he is caught by the client for that mistake.
  • The tester has to give the explanation of the defect that has not been resolved. The developer will not be responsible for this kind of defect.

Top Five Challenges faced by the tester during Testing

1. Understanding the complete requirements

It is the responsibility of the tester to understand each and every requirements that has been given in the documented format. If the tester is not clear about certain requirements, then he has to communicated to the client and make it clear.

2. Test coverage with 100 percent

The software tester must have meet the challenges to cover the maximum  area to be tested in an application and should find the defects that are maximum to make the software to perform much better than now.

3. Coverage of Regression test cases

Regression testing will be carried when there is a expand in the software after every release, it also involves verification of the new changes, old functionality testing, new ones logging.

4.Test execution before the deadline

Completing the testing process before the deadline is quite difficult, since there will a tight schedule. Execution of the test cases is not only included in the testing but it also includes logging into defects, exploratory testing, execution and regression testing.

5. Automation in 100 Percent  

Best software Testing Training institute in Chennai 100% automation is not an achievable one. It is really a challenging process for generating or automating the maximum count in the scenarios. Since it is impossible to generate each and every test cases.