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Method of Recording a Script Through Proxy in Load Runner

In this Blog, you are turning to search out around how to document a script by means of Proxy in LoadRunner? VuGen Documenting is very straightforward; just by tapping on Record knob, you can record the business stream. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where, if the following cases arrive.

The following are the cases you may confront during recording:

  • You can’t introduce VuGen on your customer machine because of different restrictions, for example, absence of administrator benefits, absence of required programming and so on.
  • You can’t introduce VuGen where the application under test is running
  • Your application under test imparts utilizing SSL
  • Proxy recording of a neighborhood application where VuGen and customer application on the same machine

For every case you have to take after specific strategies to record in VuGen. In any case, underneath is the non specific comprehension of how to document a script through Proxy in LoadRunner.Each and Every concept in Loadrunner has been taken in practical oriented by our trainer.Incase if you need to more details about loadrunner,then you can visit our Loadrunner training in Chennai Website.

How to document a script by means of Proxy in LoadRunner ?

Assume on the off chance that you are not ready to introduce VuGen on machines which has Linux or Mac OS machines or cell phones. VuGen (Outbound Link) permits you to record the application flow by means of Proxy. VuGen goes about as a Proxy server and catches all the activity in the middle of customer and server.


Recording by means of Proxy in LoadRunner is not accessible for every one of the conventions. Here are the couple of protocols which support the Proxy recording: Web HTTP/HTML, Flex, and Java over HTTP, Oracle NCA, and Oracle Web.

  • You should have the capacity to give port and address of VuGen machine on the customer gadget which has diverse OS.
  • Both the Proxy machine (VuGen) and customer should be on same system.
  • It is fitting to erase any history/reserve on the customer’s machine.

On the off chance that there is a different target machines (application under test), VuGen Proxy can effectively forward the information according to Host HTTP header. Learn the advanced technology of Loadrunner which is provided in our Loadrunner training in Chennai.

To record remote application by means of LoadRunner Proxy, in Start Recording dialog box, you have to choose Remote Application by means of LoadRunner intermediary.

To record the local application utilizing LoadRunner Proxy, ensure that the below check box is checked in Recording Options > HTTP Properties > Advanced.

In the event that the application conveys utilizing SSL (Secured Socket Layer), you have to import the authentication to the customer machine. Download the authentication and import it.

Web Explorer, select Internet Options > Content > Trusted Root Certificate Authorities > Import.

In Firefox, select Tools > Options > Advanced > Certificates tab > View Certificates > Authorities > Import.

Did you know?

It is desirable over dependably erase the cache and history before recording the business flow.

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Checklist for a Successful L2 L3 Protocol Testing

What is l2 l3 protocol testing ?

l2/l3 protocol testing training in Chennai provides Protocol testing is a generic terms using by company work in the communication industries for testing different protocol in platform of Switch, Wireless, Switching, Routing, VoIP, etc.

Companies such as ALCATEL CISCO, JUNIPER produce network devices like router, modem, wireless access point, etc. that using different protocol for communicate, for example, CISCO use OSPF, EIGRP, etc.

Protocol testing tools is nothing but check whether OSPF (Open Shortest Path First), EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) any other protocol is work as per respectively standard.

Different type of networking Protocol (L2 and L3):

The OSI models has total 7 layer of networking communication, in which layers 2 and layer 3 are very crucially.

Layer 2: It’s a data link layer. Token Ring,Frame Relay,Mac address and Ethernet, are all example of Data link layer.

Layer 3: It’s a networking layer that determine the best available paths in the networking for communicate. IP address is an examples of layer 3.

Protocol Testing Process

For protocol testing, you need protocol analyze & simulator. Protocol analyze ensure proper decode along with call & session analysis. While simulator simulate various entity of network elements. Usually an protocol testing is carried out DUT (device under test) to others device like l2 switching and l2 routing and configure protocol in it. Thereafter check the packet structure of the packet send by the device. It’s check scalable, performance, protocol algorithms etc. of devices by use tools like Wireshark,fx Network and Scapy

Testing Type for Protocol Testing

Protocol testing include testing of functional, performance, protocol stacks, interoperable, etc. During protocol testing basic three check is done.

Bandwidth: How many packet we can be send per seconds
Correctness: Do we are receive packets X when we expect
Latency: How long does the packet taking to transited the system

Protocol test can be segregate into two category. Stress and Reliable Tests & Functional Test. Stress and Reliable test are cover load test, stress test, performances testing, etc. While conformance testing,functional test include negative testing, interoperability testing, etc.

Conformance Testing: The protocol implement on product are test for adherence such RFC,IEEE etc.

Interoperability Testing: The interoperability for different vendor are tes. This testing is done after the conformance test is done on appropriates domain. Network feature Testing: The feature on networking product are test for functional with references to designed document. For example feature can be port-security on the switching, ACL on the routing etc.

What is Protocol in a software industry?

When computer communicate with each other, there is a common set of rules & condition that each computer has following. In other word, protocol determined how data are transmit between compute device and over network.Protocol are classified into 2 category routed protocol and a routing protocol

Routed Protocol: Routed protocol can be use to sending the user data from one networks to another. It’s carry user traffic like email, web-traffics, file transfer, etc. Routed protocol are AppleTalk,IPX and IP .

Routing Protocol: Routing protocol are network protocol that determine router for routers. It’s only used between router. For example EIGRP, RIP, IGRP, etc.

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Check List for a Successful QTP Training


Quick Test Professional is a product of HP and help the tester to perform a functional test which is automate without any monitor.

Visual Basic Script is general use by QTP for automate the application. As since this scripting is a available parts of the Windows Operating System there is no need to be instal exclusive. As a parts of Windows 7 the current version of VBscript is 5.8. VB script is mainly a object base language than a oops.

Here some useful benefit of QTP:

Due to it’s easy script it became very easy even for a non program to understanding QTP.

  • It is mainly used to edit script after record, support main for recording & playback.
  • It has got a excellent object identify process & mechanism
  • It provide support for different add-in such Oracle, Peoplesoft,SAP,Web Forms, Java,.NET, etc.
  • Even without a AUT through active screen it has the able to enhance the exit test.
  • It given great supporting to all the well known as Automation framework.
  • QTP is very simple to using as it come with the inbuilt IDE
  • VB scripting which is using for QTP use English-like languages which a very easy to learning.
  • QTP can easy to implement Microsoft Object model like as Word document object, Excel objects, ADO objects DOM etc.
  • QTP can be join with tool like QC (Quality Center), and with functional test such as Windrunners these test case can be outline to the automation script can be executing from QC itself.
  • Different type of suite like smoke, Regression, sanity can be easy maintain.
  • It support XML
  • Lot of inbuilt property and method are in QTP
  • Use data table and excel file on QTP is easily and can providing various method to access row and column
    QTP provide Test report detail for analysis

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How become a master in QTP:

There are many test automation tool available in the current markets, but choose the right one that best suit your all requirement is quite crucials. HP Quick Test Pro (QTP) is one of most talki point in the automated test tool.

Want to enhance your knowledge on software testing?

Then option for professional QTP Training in Chennai  is the best option where can gain right knowledge on:

  • QTP testing tools with in-depth analysis
  • Become expertise in write automation script with QTP
  • How to generating automation framework with QTP tools
  • Reducing need of human interact with perfect scripting create and so on.

With real-time live examples, qtp training in Chennai you in depth knowledge oriented online qtp training course in Chennai on QTP automation test tool. We have built high technical based videos to training the student in order to make QTP professional. These videos provided by expert instructor, which will not helps you to solve real world issue in practical life, but also to getting qualify for QTP training and certification exam that add more values and benefit your job profile.