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Software testing trends and predictions 2016
10-Aug-2016 Software testing trends and predictions 2016

Thus digital transformation plays an important strategic factor in understanding the emerging new technologies. Thus the speed of digital transformation will assure you a measurable impact on quality assurance and testing practice. Thus it plays a role of enhancement in customer satisfaction, Now let us examine the latest trends of software testing

Internet of Things – Software Testing Training

It will help you to get persistent growth in your business with the help of machine to machine connectivity and digital innovations and they will be connected using advanced platforms. In order to get quality assurance perspective software testing chennai will helping you in advancing systems and to avoid potential lapses in security and quality.

Security Testing

Security testing is playing an important role because we are now increasing the adoption of mobile, IOT and cloud. Mostly security breaches are occurred at application layer level ,authentication and access control, thus it plays a critical factor .

Mobile Application Testing – Software Testing Training in chennai

Mobile application testing is one of the key areas that will help in  end user experience like excellent customer experiences , customer centric solutions. But we have to use right tools , infrastructure , capabilities . it will clearly highlight the adoption of mobile devices and MAT in the future.

Cloud Testing

Thus cloud based testing is playing a very much usable role in testing thus it will be helpful for the organizations in order to improve their scope. Thus industry analyst will forecast the cloud based techniques it will help you to improve the scope of cloud testing.

Automation Testing

Testing automation is becoming integral by using increasing methods of develops and agile methodologies. Thus digital transformation alike agile , develops and cloud required specialized testing skills and knowledge, it will help you in focus on the functionality of the application as well as to enhance the customer experience.

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