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Emerging trends in software testing
11-Aug-2016 Emerging trends in software testing

The introduction of new architectures such as service- oriented architecture (SOA) and thus increase in virtualization and develops has dramatically changed the face of IT.

Thus important trends in software testing Training will alter the landscape for testers.

Mobile application testing

There is significant increase in mobile testing include performance , functionality and security of mobile applications . some of the applications are using cloud concepts with ERP data security plays a major role in now a days. Mobile devices have been playing a vital role in everything like digital development strategy . thus consumers spend more time on multiple devices and consume mobile only content.

Cloud based testing

It is an increasing part of mainstream with software application of cloud to be hosted in 2016. Thus IT professionals and experts are seeing growth in cloud based testing because it offers a convenient solution . the cloud testing is flexible and allowing business to scale up as a part of dynamic strategy. Data security and performance in cloud based environments can be viewed as medium term challenge.

Testing in agile development environment

Testing in production is one approach that will be used by testers commonly now a days. To get constant flow of updates on shaping the software with respect to its features. The Agile methods are in the mainstream because they offer both opportunities and challenges for tester. It is a collection of many related things. Agile scrum is a another development that is changing the manners in testers operation, it encourages the team to self-organize and communicate regularly.

Security testing

The increased connectivity of data and information along with cloud based performance and internet of things will progress the IT industry and security testing of software applications will be helpful.

Open-source testing tools – Software Testing Training in Chennai

The open source test tools like X-unit , selenium etc have been used . integrated development environments often include related or similar tools.

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