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Best Test Management tools
15-Mar-2016 Best Test Management tools copy

The Test management process includes the following,

  1. Creating and maintaining the project information
  2. Create and maintain the test results to each cycle
  3. Establish the track
  4. Graphical Report generation for analysis
  5. Bugs Tracking

The above listed are the list of tasks for testing. This method is very critical and very detailed. It’s aim is to identify that the testing is successful or not. There are lot more tools available for testing. Here is the list of tools for testing


It is the one and only testing solution that allows managing manual and exploratory testing in a single location which offers the complete history of the testing with its progress on the market.

2.Practi Test:

This tool is holding a unique character that with the support of its customizable filter one can efficiently utilize their requirements, they can create tests and run tests after that one can track the bugs and also can generate the report using the same.


It is an add on to jira. The reason for a separate discussion over this is, we can use this as a separate product also.

4.Test Collab:

It is considered as a modern testing tools which is completely dedicated towards the application testing. It is considered as the popular bugs finder added to this it will provide time tracking, test planning and scheduling.


In Order to support the test management process JIRA contains two add ons,

  • Zephyr
  • Go2group SynapseRT


TestRail is the management tools for test case. Its work is to access test case, test suits, tracking the execution and generating reports. It can also integrated with the bugs tracking tools.


It has key aspects as listed,

  • Test plan
  • Provide requirement
  • Test case
  • Test runs

For this it is very clear that it manage test case and for other actions it combines with the other main streams.

8.Quality Center:

It is one of the oldest tool for test management that we are using till now. It is the standard one among the others in many ways. Even Though it is economic it is used popular in many organizations.


It has a unique character to run over multiple platform. With this tool we can create requirement and test case. It can be integrated with many bug tracking platform in most of the situation.


It is also an test management tool that has many features as it can integrate with the huge bug tracker like jira, bugzilla, mantis and other.


One main advantage with this is, it will support “Testing and QA” also supports planning for projects, Tracking issues and so on. With this we can also create and run test case and test reports.


It is the open source web based test management tools. It has many features like test case creation, maintenance, identifying bugs and generating reports.

These are the few tools that we have listed there are lot more tools available that we too realized that we have not included in it.


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