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Advantages of software testing and why should we have to use it

Thus now a days software testing is playing a verge of popularity, software testing Training and quality assurance came as an integral part of the overall web development process. Now we will see about the various features and various types.

Benefits of Software Testing 

  • Improved peer performance and time savings
  • Earlier bugs identifications before the users are impacted
  • Improved test results accuracy
  • Team work will be improved

Features of new trends in testing

Thus quality plays a major role in addressing the business risks and enhance agility of minimising cost

Early life cycle validation

Predictive performance modeling , risk based security testing are used to identify and clearing the detects at lower cost.

Domain Based Testing

Platform based solutions that combines both core business processes and advanced testing frameworks to ensure superior testing.

New Frameworks

New models are required to face the challenges in testing emerging technologies such as cloud computing and service -oriented architecture

Non-functional testing

It helps to validate services and solutions to performance , usability , accessibility that will upgrade the customer experience and it will gain importance too in testing procedures.

Testing metrics and automation

Automation technologies , test life cycle management and new dashboards for testing it will help you to improve efficiency, ROI and traceability.

ERP Testing – Software Testing Training in Chennai

Thus specialized testing skills and methodologies are imperative for a smooth rollout and upgrading of ERP packages so that you can reach your accessibility in a smart way as well as to reach the goal in short span of time.

Thus there are different types of software testing to automate your process

Regression Testing

    • Solex
    • Test complete
    • QA wizard pro

Unit Testing

    • Jtest
    • Junit

Load and performance Testing

    • Jenkins
    • Jmeter

Functional Testing

    • Selenium webdriver
    • Ranorex
    • soapUI

GUI functional  Testing

    • Testcomplete
    • Selenium webdriver

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