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5 trends software testers should notice in 2016

Best software testing training  institute in chennai is offering good course to the students to upgrade their knowledge and it is helping in doing projects thus software testing training in chennai will enhance the knowledge by writing these blogs it will help you to manage your skills


The person who are remain in coding it will help them to learn the language quickly thus it will help us to learn the programming language very usefully,  quickly and it is very helpful for the beginners.

Mobile app testing

As app store process is more stringent so mobile app testing prominence will be useful to upgrade the stream. Thus it will fix the issues according to the customer’s feedback. Thus cloud based device forms will be used largely to upgrade the visibility of the customers.

Open source frameworks

From testing point of view open source tools like selenium and soapUI will be continuously growing , for long term goals and ultimate source goals are can be done with part of open source movement.

Agile and continuous delivery

Testing will need to be integrated into the development cycle that developers have to be interact with testing process. Thus tester have to be more user friendly then only they can use this app. They have to be used in various tools  like IDE it will improve the testing.

Conversations regarding containers

Thus micro services , containers are got more attention in 2016 it is mainly used for solving testing challenges that are arising from different  environments in developing , testing , production etc.

Our software testing training in chennai will cover

  • Tips for customizing visual studio to set an effective development process
  • Successful practices are implemented in the industry
  • Strategies are ensure quality results from design , development etc.

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