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5 Software Testing trends for 2016
11-Aug-2016 5 Software Testing trends for 2016

As a result of new technologies new approaches to software development like increasing difficulty to cloud testing services and complexity of deployment environments. So the today world are expecting software testing to meet good productivity and quality.

Software Testing  Training – Mobile testing remains a top priority in software testing 

This mobile app testing is really useful for both consumers as well as business applications. Every testing area denotes performance , functionality , compatibility  and usability. Thus skills and innovations of mobile apps have to be increased according to the latest trends and make new ways to software.

New framework capabilities

Thus mobile app testing leads to usage of both paid and open source testing frameworks and specialized tools in lower costs while increasing efficiency and quality. These frameworks will increase the capability to cover more software development products from inception to production.

Increased reliance on cloud testing

Thus increasing demands for mobile app testing will further the usage of cloud based and automated testing services. It will help the organizations from  ongoing maintenance and decommissioning outlays.other features like complete cross platform test suites will be really helpful geographically dispersed developments for further configuration.

New software architectures

Thus software design are using micro- architectures that divide functionality into smaller components. These message based micro services are developed , tested as part of larger applications without enclosing apps or services. It will help you to deliver the products in the markets in a shorter cycle and act based on customer requirements. It will help you to get benefit from smaller testing scope and it will reduce the inter-dependencies.

Testing left-shift continues – Best Software Testing Training Institute in Chennai

In present year there are number of releases of products

It will make an increased appreciation of early defect discovery using such techniques as TDD and BDD . it will create close relation between developers and testers. It helps the testers to get  new opportunities to deliver more value to new projects.


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