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We the best QTP training in chennai with real time experts with qtp certification to built your career as an IT professional. QTP comes under the automation testing training in chennai used for automation testing mainly for functional testing. Now a small description about QTP tool used in IT sector.
QTP stand for QuickTest Professional from HP. It is an kind of automatic testing tools which can perform automatically once the qtp scripts gets over. It uses VBScript Visual Basic Script. It is an object based language.
Now the question is what is qtp in software testing? The qtp testing tool is an automation tools used for regression testing of any application. It is the widely used tools in the market developed by HP. It’s success lies on the comparison and generating report.

QTP the best automation tools:

  • Technical and nontechnical testers can operate it with the guidance of qtp training chennai.
  • Recording and playback both are available at QTP tool.
  • Web based application can also tested using QTP.
  • It is based on scripting language known as qtp scripts.

These are all about the automatic testing tool QTP. Undergo best qtp training institute in chennai to get become an IT professional.

About our qtp training institutes in chennai for best classes

We are the best qtp training institutes in chennai with placement for qtp training in chennai. We provide many courses which will be relating to the IT industries. Our fees structure will be reasonable when compared to other training institute. Usually we start with what is qtp in software testing. To get better ideas and training methods about our institute just visit our website. We provide only job oriented courses which will be useful to the students to support their career.


Here are the features of QTP training classes in chennai as follows,

  • Two days free trial.
  • Trainers are well-experienced in QTP course with qtp certification
  • Mock Interviews during the course to appear for qtp jobs in chennai
  • Materials are given to the students.
  • qtp certification in chennai will be provided.
  • We provide only limited students in a batch to support slow learners.
  • The syllabus and content for qtp classes in chennai is framed based on the student’s requirement to reach the career goal.

From this above said aspects we can say that our institute is the best qtp training institutes in chennai

 Need for best qtp training institute in Chennai

It is very important to choose the best qtp training institute in chennai to start your career in testing field. I am here with the few points regarding the facts which makes the institute qtp training in chennai.


  • The Automation training classes in chennai is designed according to the current market.
  • Should offer the best training with well structured modules and sessions.
  • The trainer team should posses atleast 5 years of experience and should work in qtp testing tool.
  • Should possess excellent lab facilities with latest technology.
  • Extra time for lab should be provided.

The above said are few points to prove the institute is best or not. If any of the institute matches the above said point it will be the best qtp training institute in chennai.

 Learn qtp training Chennai from the testing expert with its merits and demerits

QTP – Quick Test Professional. It is used in web applications, Client application and Java. It helps in testing the standard things. It will be useful in getting a solution which is done for tests and maintain the creations done. It has many other advantages in Java, SAP, Seibel, .Net, Oracle, Web Services etc.

The Testing experts says that there are merits and demerits in QTP testing tool. Let us have a small description about it.


  • It uses qtp scripts so it doesn’t required any technically skilled person.
  • Easy to use and navigate. Report generation is easy.
  • Gets integrated with quality center so, monitoring is very easy.
  • Also used for testing of mobile application.
  • The HP will take care of any technical issue as it is developed by them


  • It supports only windows operating system.
  • All the browser version are not supported by QTP.
  • The cost of licence is very high.
  • The execution time is high even though the scripting time is less.
 Improve your career opportunity with qtp certification in Chennai

quick test professional tutorial includes the qtp certification in chennai for professionals. It is like getting mastery in testing tool known as quicktest in HP. The examination is particularly for the professions who will run and analyse the testing results with HP Functional Testing 11.x under the positions mentioned below

  • Tester,
  • Technical person,
  • Service engineer and so on

Classification of Tools:

The automatic testing tools are classified based on several aspects as listed below,

  • Based on the purpose
  • Based on Activities
  • Type of testing
  • Levels of testing
  • Based on the technology used

Registration process:

  • Visit HP website for getting user ID.
  • Using the ID create an user profile and apply for the examination in quick test professional tutorial.
  • An acknowledgement email will be received with the examination date, time and venue.

These are the need and procedure to appear for the qtp certification in Chennai.

 Learn qtp online training chennai and save your time

With the growing demand for certified QTP tester our institute offers qtp training in chennai along with certification. Nowadays the working professionals didnt found any free time to undergo classes. So, our institute provides qtp online training chennai to meet the demand.

Advantages in doing Online training in our institute:

  • Real time trainers are going to handle all the batches.
  • Special exercise and practise will be provided to learn the concepts.
  • Flexible timing.
  • 100% placement assistance will be provided.
  • Technical support will be provided for the students after completing the course.

These are the few advantage of doing qtp online training chennai in our institute. Learning testing is not a major task but learning testing from the best qtp training in chennai is more important.



Introduction To Automation Testing

  • What is Automation Testing
  • When Automation is needed
  • When Automation is no needed
  • Advantages of Automation Testing
  • Disadvantages of Automation Testing
  • What are the popular Automation Tools in the industry
  • What is the difference between various Automation Testing Tools

Introduction To QTP

  • QTP IDE , Basic Components in QTP , Addin Manager
  • How does QTP works/Object recognition concept
  • Record a sample Test
  • Understand the Script
  • Execution of a Test
  • Enhancement of recorded script

Framework In QTP

  • What is Framework
  • Types of Framework
  • Linear Scripting
  • Structured Scripting
  • Data Driven
  • Keyword Driven
  • Modular Driven
  • Hybrid

Object Repository

  • QTP Classes and Objects
  • Details of OR
  • Types of OR
  • How to create OR
  • Test Object Vs Run time Object
  • Configuring Object identification
  • Object Spy
  • Object Properties
  • Logical Name
  • Mandatory/Assistive properties /Ordinal identifier
  • Smart Identification
  • Compare and Merge options

Recording Modes

  • What is Recording Modes
  • Types of Recording Modes
  • Normal Recording Mode
  • Analog Recording Mode
  • Low Level Recording Mode


  • What is Checkpoint?
  • Why Checkpoint is needed
  • Types of Checkpoint
  • Different ways of Inserting Checkpoints


  • What is Parameterization?
  • Why Parameterization is needed
  • Types of Parameterization
  • Data table, Random Number and Environment Number Parameterization
  • How to access data from Global Sheet and Local sheet


  • What is Action?
  • Types of Actions
  • Methods to import an Action
  • Call to New
  • Call to Existing
  • Call to Copy

Regular Expression

  • Regular Expression
  • When to Use Regular Expression
  • How to use Regular Expression in Descriptive Programming

Recovery Scenarios

  • Handling the exception using Recovery Scenario Manager
  • Usage of Recovery Scenario Wizard
  • Completing a Recovery Scenario
  • Creation and Association of .QRS file for Recovery Scenario

Step Generator

  • What is Step Generator?
  • How to generate script using Step Generator
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of using Step Generator

Virtual Object

  • What is Virtual Object?
  • When Virtual Object is used
  • Limitations of Virtual Object


  • When Debugging is used
  • Step Into
  • Step Out
  • Step Over

Descriptive Programming

  • What is Descriptive Programming?
  • Types of Descriptive Programming
  • Working with DP Object
  • Working with Object Collection


  • Data Types, Variables, Constant
  • Operators-Arithmetic, comparison, Concatenation, Logical
  • Conditional constructs If Then Else and Select Case
  • Looping Construct Do, While, For Next, For Each Next
  • Arrays and Functions
  • Important Inbuilt functions

QTP Real Time Scenatios

  • How to start in real time projects
  • How to connect to the Database
  • How to get input value from the external excel sheet

  • Good training and worth of my money thank you.

  • I did my test director training in Software Testing Chennai, the teaching faculty are excellent with good infrastructure

  • Best Trainer for SW Testing. I took software testing course in Software Testing Chennai. It was a nice experience. It was career oriented training. I learned lots of stuff in real time environment along with testing skills, business communication, presentation skills. I can say one thing Shiva sir is the best trainer in his domain. I am working for emphasis now. Really I am very thankful to Software Testing Chennai.

  • This is the best training institute for net and with placement advanced courses like 3.0,3.5 and .net frame work 4.0. Your training helped me in getting job very easily. Thanks for your faculties and staffs for the support they are providing till date.

  • My work demands more technical aspects and during my struggling time, I came across Software Testing Chennai conducting courses on Oracle and Unix and joined after discussing with technical professionals. They have a great industry experience and they make training very simple. They use all tools for the development. I find the training very perfect and the best in Chennai. Many thanks for your service!

  • I’m Raj from Chennai did my jmeter course in Software Testing Chennai the training was excellent with good training faculty

  • Hi This is Sharmila BE 2012 passed out.I completed Java J2ee Course in Software Testing Chennai in Adyar, Chennai. Only MNC experts handling courses in the Software Testing Chennai am upgrade my knowledge in the Java platform. Software Testing Chennai conduct mock interview and then they practically providing training for me it’s very useful to me now. Am got placed in a MNC company now .Thanks to the entire Software Testing Chennai team.

  • Good place to acquire knowledge. Learning data warehousing at Software Testing Chennai gave me a deep insight into the intricacies of handling important business data. With the excellent training given on the data warehouse tools, I am very confident of progressing in my career. The individual attention, real time examples to illustrate situations, round the clock access to the application server made learning more enjoyable and fun. My best wishes go to Software Testing Chennai!

  • Excellent Coaching by Ramkumar sir for Solaris Software Testing Chennai is nice center to learn Solaris. They are providing with good infrastructure for Solaris with(enterprise 250 server,sparc machines).All the faculties are well experienced real time working staff. Personally I love Ramkumar sir teaching currently. I AM working in TCS.

  • I did my software testing course in Software Testing Chennai, faculty Siva Prasad is very good trainer and he is having 10 yrs real time experience. He helped me to prepare the resume and how to attend the interview. Now I am placed in top MNC his teaching method is very good thanks Software Testing Chennai and Sivaprasad sir.

  • Excellent training methods…. Good place to acquire knowledge. Learning data warehousing at Software Testing Chennai gave me a deep insight into the intricacies of handling important business data. With the excellent training given on the data warehouse tools, I am very confident of progressing in my career. The individual attention, real time examples to illustrate situations, round the clock access to the application server made learning more enjoyable and fun. My best wishes go to Software Testing Chennai!

  • Hi All, Software Testing Chennai is a great place for computer training I approached them for SAP training and the course is great as they have very good faculty to teach and their course fees are reasonable I am very satisfied with that institute. Now i got good job in MNC Company, Thanks to Software Testing Chennai

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