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LoadRunner training in Chennai with Placement
Real Time Corporate professionals. LoadRunner training at our Software Testing Chennai will provide a huge knowledge in this performance testing using loadrunner concept. Our Training section is completely assured with both the practical and interview based questions. With the growing technique of internet user, it is very much important for the product owner to ensure the product owner with the application that can handle the load efficiently. Performance Testing is a vital role for any system to ensure its stability and make sure in handling the stress along with the concurrency production by the real time users. Our Software Testing Chennai provides the best LoadRunner Training in chennai with HP Certification and also with Interview Guidance. LoadRunner functions are segregated with the master in Analyzing, controller, Scripting and Generating. LoadRunner Controller will established the course with complete LoadRunner with Real Time and Practical Oriented Training with some automated performance and test the automation product. Loadrunner tutorial is provided by our institute for easy reference.

What is LoadRunner?

LoadRunner is the Testing Tool for web or other applications. It will support a wide variety of application environments, Database, Platform and Tracking of Bottleneck. It enables you to test your system under controlled and peak load conditions.

Why LoadRunner?

It reduces the Human Resource requirement by replacing real human user with virtual user known as Vuser
Automatically records the performance of application under test
Various kinds of delays can be find out using LoadRunner.

Benefits of LoadRunner

  • Scalable
  • Credibility
  • Meeting the Criteria
  • Affordable
  • Expandable

Usage of LoadRunner Testing Tool Training in chennai

LoadRunners is a software Testing Tool from Hewlett. It is used to test the application with the behavior & performance under load. HP acquire LoadRunner Testing Tool Training in chennai is the part of it acquisition of mercury inter actives. Many of you have already know that we started the “Performance Testing using LoadRunner” Training series. The two basics will be assured as the Testing introduction and its process. You must have the knowledge on LoadRunner. Some of the skills are as follows

Components such as operating system, application server, application server, networks and its elements such as load balancer.
Protocols will be used between the server and client as HTML, SQL and DCOM.
Load Testing is not a head down coding exercise. You will work with many parts of organization to coordinate activities and resources.
Load Tester should know the multi-way, spin counts and indexes.

Load Runner Training in chennai

Software Testing Chennai will provide the real-time and placement which is mainly focused on Loadrunner Training in Chennai. Our course includes the training from the basic level to the advanced level. We designed our course by our industry professionals having more number of Experience in this domain. Our Training course includes us to get placed in good MNC companies located in chennai. Our LoadRunner experts having more than 8 years of experience in this domain. Our professionals are having real time project knowledge. LoadRunner scripts are generally made with our specified training section. Our LoadRunner course content is fully based on the industry needs which is helpful for you to develop your career path. We provide you the excellent infrastructure with affordable lab facilities. Our Training center is fully equipped with LCD systems and projectors to take the classes with real time projects. We also provide HP Loadrunner Certification in chennai for our students. Through our Training center, we have trained more than 100 students and provide cent percent placement. Loadrunner Testing Training in chennai conducted of morning classes, evening classes, weekend classes and fast Track Training classes. Loadrunner Training in chennai offers all the loadrunner functions and loadrunner web services.

Loadrunner Testing training in Chennai

Loadrunner functions are used in making the loadrunner scripts with a easy way training given by our professionals. Loadrunner Testing Training in Chennai will clearly explains the loadrunner architecture that will establish the general techniques of your course details. there is a huge demand in Indian market for the performance of test engineers mainly. There obtaining the same demand for the previous years as per the latest survey. Loadrunner controller is the best performance of testing tool which is used in the corporate testing. Loadrunner Testing Tool Training in chennai will provide the industry based course syllabus. It provides the accurate result when compared with the other performance testing using loadrunner tool which is available in the market to help the stakeholders to improve their product. Loadrunner Testing Tool Training in chennai can be observed by our clients. Customer has get certified in this tool with the most trustable performance tool. Learn loadrunner in Chennai with our loadrunner scripts.

Why should learn Loadrunner in Chennai

We provide best infrastructure for you to learn the concepts in a right way. Our trainers are having more number of experience in this domain and working in Top IT companies with real time projects. Loadrunner certification in chennai can be obtained by getting the excellent training. Learn Loadrunner in chennai to attain the job.

  • Excellent Infrastructure
  • Free Demo Class
  • Live Time Project Exposure
  • 100% Placement assurance
  • Also providing online training of Loadrunner
  • Practical oriented class
  • Interview Guidance


Loadrunner Online Training in chennai

Our loadrunner training in Chennai is based on the corporate standards with the expectation tool. We will give the opportunity for the candidates to use the tool at the maximum testing applications. Our Online training on loadrunner program is conducted by our real time experts working in Top Companies. If you really want to shine in this marketing area of Performance Testing using loadrunner, join us and gain the opportunity. Our trainers will provide you the Online training on loadrunner by our industry experts having more knowledge in this domain. Loadrunner web services can be analysed and that can assured by our experts. Loadrunner Online Training in chennai is purely produced by our knowledgeable professions. We are the No.1 Loadrunner Training in chennai which offers you the training over our experts. Online Training of loadrunner is provided by our experienced IT professionals. We provide the high quality Loadrunner Training in chennai based of recent business standards with real time live projects.


Introduction to Performance Engineering

  • Why Performance Testing
  • Fundamentals of application performance testing
  • Process of performance testing
  • Automated Tools for Performance Testing

Introduction to Load Runner

  • What business problems can be solved
  • Different versions of Load Runner
  • Integrated management using Performance Center
  • Various internal tools off Load Runner
  • Infrastructure for Load Runner to Install
  • Load Runner Architecture

Virtual User Generator

  • Invoking and Creating scripts using VuGen
  • Understanding VuGen and Internet Protocols
  • Accessing and Using Protocol Advisor
  • Creating New Script
  • Recording Options – Recording Types HTML and URL
  • Recording Options – Single and Multiple Protocol
  • Recording Options – Setting Threshold
  • Recording Tool Bar
  • Recording Log and Summary


  • Script Work flow
  • Debugging scripts
  • Defining Run Time settings
  • Setting General Options
  • Running the script


  • Defining and measuring transactions
  • Adding transactions during and after recording
  • Naming transactions
  • Automatic transactions


  • Defining and parameters in script
  • Settings parameters as Dates
  • Making parameter values as constants and Random Numbers
  • Creating parameters as customized
  • Defining parameters
  • Simulating Parameters with respect to number of Vusers to no of Iterations

Correlation – Auto

  • Replaying script indicates errors
  • Playing back Dynamic Values
  • Correlating Dynamic values in script automatically

Correlation – Manual

  • Replaying script indicates errors in replay Log
  • Comparing two scripts using WindDiff or some other Tools
  • Identifying values for correlation
  • Copying Dynamic values
  • Identifying Left and Right Boundaries
  • Adding Web_reg_save_function
  • Parameterizing dynamic values throughout the scripts


  • Determining success with verification step
  • Confirming success or failure
  • Defining step for verification
  • Understanding the text check function
  • Adding Text Check during and after recording


  • Defining actions
  • Creating script with actions
  • Creating action Blocks
  • Recording scripts in single and multiple blocks

Scripting – Basic Level

  • Defining variables
  • Declaring Constants
  • Operators, Statements and Functions
  • Output Functions
  • Common string functions
  • Breakpoints & Single step execution


  • Controller tasks
  • New Scenario creation
  • Creating manual and Goal Oriented scenarios
  • Selecting Vuser Scripts
  • Adding and modifying Vuser Groups
  • Selecting and Connecting Load Generators
  • Mapping Vuser Groups to Load Generators

Run Time – Settings

  • Understanding and accessing Run-time settings
  • Configuring Run Logic
  • Defining Think Time
  • Setting additional attributes
  • Other miscellaneous settings

Scenario Execution

  • Defining Rendezvous points
  • Setting Result Directory

Scheduling Scenarios

  • Scheduling scenario
  • Configuring schedule names
  • Configuring number of Vusers per x minutes or seconds
  • Setting scenario Ramp Up time
  • Setting Scenario Full Load time
  • Setting Scenario Ramp Down Time
  • Scheduling by scenario
  • Scheduling by group

Performance Monitors

  • Identifying performance counters to be monitored
  • Setting monitor options
  • Configuring monitors though windows perfmon tool.


  • Identifying performance issues
  • Identifying Root cause analysis
  • Meeting your goals
  • Opening a new graph
  • Viewing Average transaction Response Times
  • Verifying results under full load
  • Isolating Network graphs
  • Working with the Data
  • Filtering Data
  • Modifying the granularity
  • Merging graphs
  • Drill down reports
  • Defining service level agreement
  • Setting threshold
  • Generating HTML Reports & Word Document Reports.

  • Good training and worth of my money thank you.

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  • Best Trainer for SW Testing. I took software testing course in Software Testing Chennai. It was a nice experience. It was career oriented training. I learned lots of stuff in real time environment along with testing skills, business communication, presentation skills. I can say one thing Shiva sir is the best trainer in his domain. I am working for emphasis now. Really I am very thankful to Software Testing Chennai.

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  • My work demands more technical aspects and during my struggling time, I came across Software Testing Chennai conducting courses on Oracle and Unix and joined after discussing with technical professionals. They have a great industry experience and they make training very simple. They use all tools for the development. I find the training very perfect and the best in Chennai. Many thanks for your service!

  • I’m Raj from Chennai did my jmeter course in Software Testing Chennai the training was excellent with good training faculty

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  • Good place to acquire knowledge. Learning data warehousing at Software Testing Chennai gave me a deep insight into the intricacies of handling important business data. With the excellent training given on the data warehouse tools, I am very confident of progressing in my career. The individual attention, real time examples to illustrate situations, round the clock access to the application server made learning more enjoyable and fun. My best wishes go to Software Testing Chennai!

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  • Excellent training methods…. Good place to acquire knowledge. Learning data warehousing at Software Testing Chennai gave me a deep insight into the intricacies of handling important business data. With the excellent training given on the data warehouse tools, I am very confident of progressing in my career. The individual attention, real time examples to illustrate situations, round the clock access to the application server made learning more enjoyable and fun. My best wishes go to Software Testing Chennai!

  • Hi All, Software Testing Chennai is a great place for computer training I approached them for SAP training and the course is great as they have very good faculty to teach and their course fees are reasonable I am very satisfied with that institute. Now i got good job in MNC Company, Thanks to Software Testing Chennai

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