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13-Jun-2015 software testing

Finding the software bugs by executing a program or application is known as software testing and it can stated as the process of validating and verifying a software program whether it meets the technical requirements or not. All defects cannot be identified by testing but it can determine the correctness of software under the assumption of some hypotheses. The main purpose is to identify the software failure so that the bugs can be detected and corrected. Testing team members have various roles. The scope of software testing includes code examination as well as code execution in different environments and conditions. The information which is gathered from software testing is used in software development correctness. Every software product has target audience. The audience for video game software is totally varied from banking software is one of the examples. Every organization having separate testing team and job role for them is to detect the errors in developed software product.
Mostly software development companies are hiring for trained and skilled software testing professionals. Develop knowledge by learning software testing in

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with placement and get placed in testing industry.
It is necessary to have good test coverage in order to test the software application completely and make it sure that it’s performing well or not. It helps in finalizing the software product or application against business and user requirements. Test cases should be very effective for finding the errors and it designed well with the possibilities. The customers should able to operate with software product without any complaint after delivering the product and test cases can be write based on the customer requirements scenario.

CUSTOMER RELIABILITY: It is very essential and makes sure of the customers reliability and their satisfaction in application.
REMOVING BUGS: The defects and errors are identifies during development life cycle.
QUALITY: Delivering the quality product to the customers helps in gaining their confidence.
BEST PERFORMANCE: It is very important for an effective performance of software product or application.
CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: It is very important in order to offer the facilities to the customers like delivery of high of quality product or software application.
STAYABLE: It’s needed to stay in the business.
EXPENSIVE: It can be very expensive in the future stages of the development. So that the application should not results in to any failure.
The guidelines and standards set by the organization should be followed in software testing and this is the ultimate function in software testing.
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