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Category Archives: Telerik

Announcing Telerik Concepts with ASP.NET
25-Jan-2016 Announcing Telerik Concepts with ASP.NET

This is used to enhance your application with the latest Material Design theme to improve the theme builder. This is to build the Excel-like solution with an official Spreadsheet. This is to raise the accessibility of your application with the advanced level to improve it. Telerik ASP.NET Ajax using with the light weight process even more with mobile friendly. Get the Best Testing Training with our Industry experts.

The recent release of the excel-like component will offer you the following features with important techniques.

  • Add/Remove Columns & Rows
  • Data Validation
  • Scrolling and Pinned Column/Header
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • Cell Formatting features with cut, copy and paste.
  • Context Menu
  • /ul>

    Skin of Material Design
    ASP.NET AJAX controls all the modern dress to inspire the popular Material design of Google. This material theme will enhance the feature with the deep effect like lightning and shadows to make your application more interactive.

    Improvement in Accessibility
    With this WAI-RAI compatibility for RadConfirm, RadPrompt, RadAutoCompleteBox and Rad Alert with the usable web projects, especially for user who rely on the screen reader who is not comfortable in using mouse.

    We have identify some requirements of our customers to provide the separate definitions for child to build the Red Button control.

    • Easy configuration
    • Infrastructure for new button types

    Best Mobile Support
    Telerik with ASP.NET will provide the best support for mobile. Rich Text editing in mobile browser which can never be easy. Latest Adaptive RadEditor with rendering will offer with the first class experience for usability with the mobile device. We will deliver the optimized interaction and rendering concept.
    UI will inspire with most of the popular rich text of mobile editor on the market.
    Touch-friendly drop down and dialogue which will always pop up with the visible viewport for your smartphone.

    Lightweight Rendering
    By using this, it will reduce the markup with semantic rendering and it is easy to customize the UI which can among the range of benefits to get lightweight rendering to enable best performance with responsive to your application Progress Area, tabStrip, Notification, ToolBar, SkinManager and ToolManager which can get the lightweight rendering based on CSS3 & HTML5

    Some Other Important Improvements
    We should continue to improve and optimize further control with plenty of data improvement.
    RadEditor- Rad design of the Table with Wizard dialogue
    RadFileExplorer- New content provider with easy configuration in visual studio and also Drag and drop with uploading file system
    RadDiagram- UI Improvement in shape connection

    It’s time to raise your Head up. This is because your beloved Telerik. To deliver your software development project to make delight for user. Get the best Selenium Training in Chennai. You need some awesome tooling. You should elevate the development experience to enable the delivered solutions. No matter what is your application platform. Here are some Latest glimpse we cover with webinar.

    Web UI

    • Advanced response behavior in UI
    • Official release of spreadsheet components
    • Material Design can inspire theme with brand new theme builder

    Mobile UI

    • UI for iOS- Auto-complete Text View will become official to enable easy search
    • UI for UWP- Official release of the UI for UWP suite to enhance your Universal Window Platform application

    Desktop UI
    New Component for the Desktop UI suite which include the official release of Time span.

    Each and every latest techniques of testing concept which includes QTP, selenium and Hammer. Get the advanced Selenium by our mentors. Our Experts are working in Leading MNC companies with real time project knowledge. Recent trends of telerik concepts will be obtained clearly by our experts. Industry’s Best Telerik Training in Chennai is offered by our experts having more knowledge is this domain. Get all the advanced Training on Software testing with latest concepts which arrives in this world.

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