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Category Archives: software testing

Have you got Cucumber Testing Tools Speciality in Automation Testing and Selenium?
03-Nov-2016 Have you got Cucumber Testing Tools Speciality in Automation Testing

Software testing training in chennai expose the new information about Selenium. Here have to introduce about new tools for automation named as cucumber.

Let see below about cucumber

What is cucumber?

Cucumber is tool which helps for framework of behaviour Driven Development to software testing training.This BDD is is used to write the acceptance testing for various web applications. This allows function of validation.

This Validation is more readable and understandable. It’s used to every developers and Testers and Business Analysts.

Cucumber are used to gives good documents here cucumber features applied for supporting applications of BDD. This initially implemented for Ruby and then Extended. This Extension enables the functionality about Java Framework.

Cucumber work with

  • Selenium
  • Watir
  • Capybara and more

This Cucumber based on the tools can support the high level languages of

  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Python
  • DotNet

What are the feature files are used by Cucumber,

Here i will included some sample features,

Scenario 1


Username : USER

Password: PASSWORD

Result: Login should be Successful

Scenario 2


Username : USER1

Password: PASSWORD1

Result: Login error message will be Thrown.

Scenario of Cucumber:

Actually Scenario is defines about particular functionality which is taken under web apps test.

Intent of scenario is behind the test of all about. this is primarily using language called “Gherkin”.

Here should follows about,

Given : As mentioned given specifies about preconditions state.

When: Action performed based on scenario process.

Background: Step Requires for perform each scenario about database background implementation.

Scenario Outline

this is used to performs different data set with login functionality.


By default runs about scenario of feature files of cucumbers. Real time projects are given for hundred features not required in cucumber functionality. Its depends to run all times.

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Testing Automation Trends of Software Testing in 2016
13-Aug-2016 Testing Automation trends of software testing in 2016

Software testing training in chennai with more number of benefits and professionals are having experience more than 10 years. Thus now we will see about the latest trends which are present in automation testing.

Thus there are various trends like mobile testing , agile testing methodologies , cloud testing etc. now let us see in detail

Mobile Testing

It is to be a remarkable shift in adoption of mobile business and technology advancements. Thus it has the major part in software industry which compromise functional, performance, compatibility, usability and security testing. Open source frameworks and mobile develops are in great extent to expansion mobile testing industry.

Testing of big data and predictive analysis

Thus quality management for big data implementations will be emerging in the industry. The devices and applications will produce a huge amount of unwanted data’s so that it will lead to faulty decision. Now a days testing and pushing are the latest quality trends , by these trends we came to know we are meeting customer demands or not.

Web services and SOA automation

The testing of the web services and SOA automation will be equally important to the check the end to end performance of the application. Thus complex application integration systems will communicate with the systems correctly and deliver the right response.

Life cycle testing

Enterprises will be looking for end to end lifecycle automation to check the entire software lifecycle like unit test , system test and integration test. These automation skills will functional testing skills.


It is useful for ensuring speed , one of the biggest challenges is to test and release apps quickly along with the track of the environment. It will help you to isolate your code for testing

Agile and Collaboration Tools – Software Testing Training

Developers and testers were using this agile methods to increase collaboration and it will increase the effectiveness of the business as well as organizations  and it will improve the testing effect. This will promote better communication and feedback among teams to improve agile testing needs

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5 trends software testers should notice in 2016

Best software testing training  institute in chennai is offering good course to the students to upgrade their knowledge and it is helping in doing projects thus software testing training in chennai will enhance the knowledge by writing these blogs it will help you to manage your skills


The person who are remain in coding it will help them to learn the language quickly thus it will help us to learn the programming language very usefully,  quickly and it is very helpful for the beginners.

Mobile app testing

As app store process is more stringent so mobile app testing prominence will be useful to upgrade the stream. Thus it will fix the issues according to the customer’s feedback. Thus cloud based device forms will be used largely to upgrade the visibility of the customers.

Open source frameworks

From testing point of view open source tools like selenium and soapUI will be continuously growing , for long term goals and ultimate source goals are can be done with part of open source movement.

Agile and continuous delivery

Testing will need to be integrated into the development cycle that developers have to be interact with testing process. Thus tester have to be more user friendly then only they can use this app. They have to be used in various tools  like IDE it will improve the testing.

Conversations regarding containers

Thus micro services , containers are got more attention in 2016 it is mainly used for solving testing challenges that are arising from different  environments in developing , testing , production etc.

Our software testing training in chennai will cover

  • Tips for customizing visual studio to set an effective development process
  • Successful practices are implemented in the industry
  • Strategies are ensure quality results from design , development etc.
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Technologies Which are used in Software Testing

Thus software testing training in chennai is offering software testing courses which will be providing classes with hands on training. Thus Software Testing Training institute in chennai will be providing technical discussions with live projects.

Now let us see about the latest software trends and predictions for this year

Quality and reliability are great important topics to reduce application software errors to improve security and application performance through social media channels

Quality Assurance and Software Testing 

These software testing budgets will be rising especially in energy and transportation sectors. Most of the organizations are offering most of the budget towards these topics. It is mainly used for software maintenance projects . many sectors are moving towards IT development sectors to develop and maintain.

Crowd Sourcing

It will help to use the software applications with large number of end users to identify defects and bugs. It is maintained by services. It is one of the best quality assurance and testing teams.

Mobile Application Testing  

It will help you to give a steep rise in organizations , in mobile application testing primary focus areas are functionality , performance and security testing. These are now a days which are used by many people’s in mobile and smartphones

Big Data and Analytics

It is not only about testings of data but also testing the correctness and accuracy of data from multiple taskings. It is working based on data centric processes. It figures out performance issues and security supports you on various business tatics by verification.

Cloud Migration

Organizations are really benefitted by building and maintaining cloud environments , it is very much easy for software testing training teams, if they are provided by right environment. All technologies will not be accepted in cloud environments so that we have to utilise the correct part in the cloud computing process

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Different types of software testing methodologies

Thus Best Software testing Training institute in chennai which is offering software testing course with excellent infrastructure and thus is offering many best frameworks.

The testing methodology is a tool to test the application such these testing techniques are model based testings and modeling testings are also known as methodologies. The testing strategy consists of several methodologies.

Installation Testing

It is mainly used for to assure the test that the system is installed correctly or not, and working at customer’s actual decisions.

Compatibility Testing

Software failure  happens when there is lack of compatibility with other application software and targeting environments that differ greatly from the original in order to become a web application. Thus the latest work cannot perform on earlier functions , these issues can be fixed by proactively subtracting os into separate program.

Smoke and Sanity Testing

Thus sanity testing means whether it has ability to proceed with further testings in a future and smoke testing can be defined as minimal attempts to check whether there are any basic problems in the software and it is also used for software attempts in a minimum way.

Regression Testing

It is focusing on finding defects after a major code change has occurred . specially it is used for finding the bugs in old version. This will occur when when new part of software combines with old ones. It is the largest test effort in commercial software development and to check prior functionality in the software.

Destructive Testing – Software Testing Training

It causes the software to fail , it is used to check the software whether it is functioning properly or not when unexpected input comes. Thus software fault injection is an example of software failure. Thus there are different types of numerous open source and free software tools available to perform destructive testing.

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Software development cycle services

Thus peridot systems is offering best Software Testing training institute in chennai which is providing rendering services to the developers as well as testers and those who are interested in this concept. Now we will see about the software development cycle concept

Software development cycle is a process that guarantees  the best quality of built and working software. Every stage of life cycle has own procedures and moves on constantly to next stage. Thus there are different stages in this process now let us see about this process briefly.

Analysis/ gathering the requirements

It is very critical stage for the further process as it requires expectations from both sides customers as well as project team in order to define problem statement, discuss critical success factors and setup responsibilities of all the parties.

Design / Architecture

Our software architects analyse your request and propose technical solutions . our senior technology experts propose technical design that fit our business needs. These designs include database tables, transactions, hardware and system requirements and security issues etc to be added and implemented. We also define functional and non- functional specialties.

Implementation / Deployment

Size of the project determines the complexity of the deployment, training is required for end users, operations . roll out of the system may be started from one branch to another branch then slowly adding all locations or it could be full blown implementation.

Agile methodology / continuous development – Software Testing Training in Chennai

This Agile methodology will help you in development process it helps to stay more flexible and deliver the product that is constantly tested and reviewed to meet your business goals and customer needs. This allows continuous improvement in the application.

Thus by sharing these informative techniques it will really help you to understand the tactics and very well in your improvement in your services to the customers

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Software trends to follow in this 2016

The Think It training is offering Best Software Testing Training Institute in chennai with professionalized experts the and it is very much impressive and intellectual in taking course foundation to the students and we are ready to support students in technical support even after course completion. Now we are glad to share the predictions for latest software trends in 2016.

Thus fast pace of digital transformation will help you to know about the conclusions , predictions . and its overall involvement in major industries.

Agile and Operations Methodology

We need to integrate testing techniques in the development cycle. Thus both programmers and software testers are involved in testing process and software development. Agile methodology is directly responsible to new challenges like speed, interaction , high quality and new technologies. These challenges is a key factors will help you to stay in the market and these new type of tests are being added up to the existing automation processes. Such as jenkins and teamcity.

Security Testing

People consuming more number of amounts of information through web , phone etc . so security testing is becoming priority for many companies to control their data flow and avoid leaks. It is implemented by code reviews as many flaws can be detected at this stage.

Mobile Testing

It plays a major part in organization development strategy, thus the development of mobile apps takes less time when compared to websites and web applications. Security is another important strategy in mobile testing because people are consuming lot of information from various mobile apps, so we have to protect in terms of security , usability and performance.

Automation Testing - Software Testing Training

Automation testing is a key process to make the process more efficient . test automation is an integral part of testing life cycle despite many challenges  like lack of professional automated tools for developers, not enough automation tested engineers . it is an effective solution to avoid routine testing and focus on more complex test scenarios.

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Top most trends in Software Testing 2016
11-Aug-2016 Top most trends in Software Testing 2016

Thus Software Testing will play a great role in this modern world and thus it is emerging as a new trends for the students to accommodate the business works and it will contain many other new trends due to expert’s prediction and industry reports. Now we will see about the latest trends in software testing world

Regression Testing - Software Testing Training

It is a simple method and it involves life cycle and it will help you to maintain old test cases and ensure that existing features will also accommodate or not . Test the each new features with previous functionality. It helps to execute repeated test cases, without manual intervention so it will save time and money.

Continuous integration

In this process the application undergoes small changes and it will release the trends on day to day basis and weekly basis too. Thus code also pave a way to become errors so that only we are choosing testing method. It also ensures optimum coverage while eliminating the chance of human errors.

Functional and GUI testing

It is most predominant part of software testing , it becomes prevalent to test the applications to ensure functional and UI aspects are not helps to perform the desired iteration and testing the application number of devices , resolutions , platforms , technologies etc.

Load testing

Applications such as E-commerce sites and online reservation sites will be requiring load and stress testing during need hours. It will help you to generate accurate results of the performance of these applications against load.

Unit testing – Software Testing Training in Chennai

In this small units of application such as procedures , modules, data and source code are tested individually. It involves rigorous efforts and also ensuring not to affect other elements or the program as whole. Thus it helps to scrutinize the application of individual elements.

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5 Software Testing trends for 2016
11-Aug-2016 5 Software Testing trends for 2016

As a result of new technologies new approaches to software development like increasing difficulty to cloud testing services and complexity of deployment environments. So the today world are expecting software testing to meet good productivity and quality.

Software Testing  Training – Mobile testing remains a top priority in software testing 

This mobile app testing is really useful for both consumers as well as business applications. Every testing area denotes performance , functionality , compatibility  and usability. Thus skills and innovations of mobile apps have to be increased according to the latest trends and make new ways to software.

New framework capabilities

Thus mobile app testing leads to usage of both paid and open source testing frameworks and specialized tools in lower costs while increasing efficiency and quality. These frameworks will increase the capability to cover more software development products from inception to production.

Increased reliance on cloud testing

Thus increasing demands for mobile app testing will further the usage of cloud based and automated testing services. It will help the organizations from  ongoing maintenance and decommissioning outlays.other features like complete cross platform test suites will be really helpful geographically dispersed developments for further configuration.

New software architectures

Thus software design are using micro- architectures that divide functionality into smaller components. These message based micro services are developed , tested as part of larger applications without enclosing apps or services. It will help you to deliver the products in the markets in a shorter cycle and act based on customer requirements. It will help you to get benefit from smaller testing scope and it will reduce the inter-dependencies.

Testing left-shift continues – Best Software Testing Training Institute in Chennai

In present year there are number of releases of products

It will make an increased appreciation of early defect discovery using such techniques as TDD and BDD . it will create close relation between developers and testers. It helps the testers to get  new opportunities to deliver more value to new projects.


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Emerging trends in software testing
11-Aug-2016 Emerging trends in software testing

The introduction of new architectures such as service- oriented architecture (SOA) and thus increase in virtualization and develops has dramatically changed the face of IT.

Thus important trends in software testing Training will alter the landscape for testers.

Mobile application testing

There is significant increase in mobile testing include performance , functionality and security of mobile applications . some of the applications are using cloud concepts with ERP data security plays a major role in now a days. Mobile devices have been playing a vital role in everything like digital development strategy . thus consumers spend more time on multiple devices and consume mobile only content.

Cloud based testing

It is an increasing part of mainstream with software application of cloud to be hosted in 2016. Thus IT professionals and experts are seeing growth in cloud based testing because it offers a convenient solution . the cloud testing is flexible and allowing business to scale up as a part of dynamic strategy. Data security and performance in cloud based environments can be viewed as medium term challenge.

Testing in agile development environment

Testing in production is one approach that will be used by testers commonly now a days. To get constant flow of updates on shaping the software with respect to its features. The Agile methods are in the mainstream because they offer both opportunities and challenges for tester. It is a collection of many related things. Agile scrum is a another development that is changing the manners in testers operation, it encourages the team to self-organize and communicate regularly.

Security testing

The increased connectivity of data and information along with cloud based performance and internet of things will progress the IT industry and security testing of software applications will be helpful.

Open-source testing tools – Software Testing Training in Chennai

The open source test tools like X-unit , selenium etc have been used . integrated development environments often include related or similar tools.

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